Naxos is the biggest island in Cyclades. It has massifs and when the horizon is clear, you can see the Za, the highest mountain of Cyclades. When you get out of the ship, you meet a town full of life and shops. Despite the fact that Aegean Sea is often rough, Naxos has many beaches that remain calm and safe. To know better the island of Naxos, you must walk it around. It's got a circular form and it extends to 430 sq. km. and its coast to 148 km. Its western coastline is more remarkable. A high mountain chain crosses the island from the north to the south. Towns of Naxos:  CHORA, PALIA POLI,  BEACH AG.GEORGIOS, PYRGAKI,  STELIDA,  FLOISVOS BEACH, AG. PROKOPIOS, AG. ANNA, MARAGAS BEACH, PLAKA, ALIKO, MIKRI VIGLA, KASTRAKI - PANAGIA PARTHENA BEACH, GLYFADA

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Details of : Glyfada Naxos Beach Hotel-Studios-Rooms | Studio Studios in Glyfada Naxos Cyclades

Glyfada Naxos Studios
Manager: Maria Vlaserou
Glyfada Beach,Naxos Island P.Q. 84302 .
Tel.:00 30 22850 75467 Fax.:00 30 22850 75467
Winter Tel.:00 30 22850 32244 Winter Fax.:00 30 22850 32244
Mobile:00 30 6973245022




On Glyfada Beach of Naxos Island in Greece is Located Glyfada Beach Hotel and offer accommodation in it's beautiful rooms and studios. At the heart of The Cyclades, lies the most beautiful and largest island, Naxos. Found 17 km south of Naxos Town, Glyfada beach hotel impresses both kids and adults and is a kite and wind surfer’s paradise. Glyfada beach hotel is built adhering to traditional island architecture. The amphitheatre design allows for breath taking views of the sea and its surroundings, creating your very own little paradise. Glyfada hotel features 8 rooms which accomodates up to 2 people and 4 traditional appartments which includes a fully staffed kitchen and accommodates up to 5 people While gazing out to the endless blue water and the idyllic sunset, you’ll have the chance to enjoy genuine Greek cuisine based on homemade Naxian products. We look forward to welcoming you to our newly renovated studios, where our hospitable environment is sure to guarantee you a pleasant stay. “Your magical trip to the island has just begun”.

General Features
Parking Air-condition Maid service available
Sea view Balcony / Terrace Fully equipped Kitchen
Internet access Childrens playground T.V
Towels and sheets are provided Breakfast available Meals available
Car hire on request

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