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Mykonos is the most famous island in the Cyclades. Its re-putation has spread during the last years due to its unique lan-dscape, its archeological sites, its cosmopolitan environment and its magnificent seas. Mykonos is an island that is full of contradictions.
The contradicting elements that are apparent in this small stretch of land, give the island a distinct eccentricity. Mykonos sways between the traditional and the contemporary, from the simple to the complex, and from the accustomed and unaccustomed elements.
Mykonos is composed of two shades: the summer and winter shade. Its summer shade appears to be flashy and wild.

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Details of : Andronikos Hotel | 4 Star Hotels in Drafaki Mykonos Cyclades

Drafaki | Mykonos 84 600
| Cyclades |Greece Tel: +30-22890-24231
| Fax: +30-22890-24691


Andronikos Hotel is an upscale, cosmopolitan resort situated at the edge of Mykonos town with splendid views of the Aegean sea and the sunset. Andronikos Hotel is the ultimate choice when you look for the best in Mykonos’ lifestyle. It combines easy access to the beaches and to Mykonos town, newly designed spaces that inspire the senses, exquisite dining at the Lady Finger Greek gourmet restaurant and a hip, relaxed atmosphere at the popular Orange Blue Bar. Andronikos’ cool Aegean environment brings people together where socializing comes naturally, creating a lifetime of friendships. Clean your mind, inspire your soul and rejuvenate your body at the Andronikos. Live a total hotel experience.


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