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Excursions in Rhodes

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Your Rhodes exploration at the beloved island of the Sun starts from the "Cape of Sand" the most northern part of the island, with organized golden sandy beaches with the similar umbrellas spread through out its length decorating it discretely.

Characteristic of this area is the hydro biological plant of the island, where the Aquarium is accommodated with unique samples of Mediterranean organisms.

At the northeastern side of the islands, the windmills, signs of the middle Ages, come in contradiction with the first cosmopolitan beach and the casino of the Grand Hotel Astir Palace.

Luxurious hotels at the North East side of the island offer to its visitor's unique comforts. But the infamous Small and Large hotel of Rhodes have nothing to be jealous about (even though they were built at 1924 and 1930 accordingly) this is also where the statue of Aphrodite emerged from the sea.

The eastern side accommodates cultural and administrative buildings such as the old Muslim cemetery and the Circular Mausoleum were the sarcophagus of MOURAT REIS is saved, with additional items of Gothic, Venetian and Arabic items, from Italian architects.

The National Theatre, the Municipality, the Archbishopry the Cathedral of Evangelism with the extravagant bell tower, decorate the main square of this area.
At the end of the pier at the entrance of the port the two symbols of the island are standing the deer and doe from where the little boats and the dolphins depart for their daily cruises and transport people to the nearby island.

The heart of the modern city beats at the covered heptagon Market of Turkish Rhythm that is surrounded by a garden of exquisite beauty. The graphic historical description in combination with the rich sounds and plentitude of colors the "Sounds and Lights" unravels the history like a story to the audience. The sights of the green nymph of the Sun Helios (Sun) but they don't stop at the Medieval buildings, the Gates of the Knights and the Historical Castles.

The magnitude of a civilization thousands of years old will be completed by a stroll at the city that exists outside of the walls, crossing the evergreen alleys and the blooming roads with the catholic churches, that will lead you to the western sandy beach of the island.

At Ialysos the visitor has the chance to take a swim at the windless beach with the large white pebbles that are very carefully scattered throughout the sand.

Continuing on the coastal road, the city of Faliraki makes its appearance, one of the most spectacular resorts, with clean shallow waters and intense nightlife. On your return to the city you come across the city of Kallithea, the magnificent village with healing springs and its beaches, which are a combination of rock and sand.

Following another route and heading towards Lindos and justify of Faliraki there is a beach of Ladiko that is separated in two small beaches. Further south the visitors come to the village of Afantos, which is very elaborately hidden, in order in the past to be protected from the pirates, with its cosmopolitan sandy beach of its gulf.

As you continue you reach the very green valley of the Seven Springs with running waters, part of which end at a small lake through a tunnel that runs 186 meters long. The journey that does not end there, reaches at Kolimbia, with its two small gulfs, the Archangelos with its historical sights and Malona with its built ovens and the newly built Haraki with its pebbly beach and the sandy beach of Pefkes.

It would be wise not to forget to take a visit to Lindos (a pre -Hellenic name for "the rock"), city-country with its important historical Acropolis (dimension 8.300 sq) construction of which started from the Neolithic era, with additions and reconstructions up to the Byzantine era. Small but with vast beauty are the small villages that surround Lindos.

Starting from the Kiotari with its unique Shooting and Moving target range, Genidi with its sandy gulfs for lonely swimmers, the mountainous Vati, Profilla, Apolakia, and Lahania with the ancient windmills, the tiled roofed houses and monasteries.

Your travel and acquaintance with the island come to an end at an unbelievable phenomenon of a sandy beach that runs 2klm long, which connects the island with the rocky island of Prasonisos, a paradise point for hundreds of swimmers and surfers that are spread in the two well formed gulfs.


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